Podbean Provides Premium HLS Protocol for Video Podcasters

Podbean is always looking for ways to improve service for podcasters and their audience. This year, Podbean implemented HLS protocol for video podcasts. This premium service is included with all unlimited and above video hosting plans.

HLS (HTTP live streaming) protocol works to deliver streaming video more seamlessly over various devices and bandwidth levels. Podbean automatically takes video uploaded by podcasters and encodes into up to three formats: high/max definition, standard, and low resolution. When video is served up to users in the Podbean app or via Podbean players, the adaptive bitrate video delivery detects the client’s bandwidth capacity and adjusts the video stream accordingly. This improves the user experience for those accessing video via mobile or low-bandwidth connections.

This service has been integrated into all video podcasting accounts (unlimited or above) so there’s no need to pay or do anything extra. Your audience will experience optimal viewing using the Podbean app or players.


Podbean continues to work hard to make it easy for podcasters to create the best audience experience. Happy podcasting!

New, Optimized Podbean Dashboard

The Podbean tech team has been hard at work on improving our podcast dashboard. We’ve simplified the dashboard’s functionality and made changes for better podcaster workflow. You may notice some functions have moved or been updated; we hope the changes will make things work better for you!


If you have any questions or feedback, we welcome your inquiries at support.podbean.com. We’re always working to improve the podcasting tools we offer. Happy podcasting!

For additional podcasting support, we invite you to join our Facebook group, Podcasting Smarter, where we share resources, advice, and support from fellow podcasters.

How Do Podbean Paid Subscriptions Work?

Podbean makes it easy to sell podcast content with our Premium podcasting options. Podcasters can sell individual episodes or create premium subscriptions (premium content can also be given to patrons as a reward).

Premium subscribers simply need to purchase the subscription via the subscribe link. After clicking “Buy Now” and completing the transaction, they will receive an email with access information. They can enjoy their premium content at any time in the Podbean app or online when logged in using this information.



You will be able to view all your subscribers and transactions in your dashboard.


Simplified Listener Access to Premium Podcast Episodes

To make it easy to find premium podcast episodes you’ve purchased, we’ve added a “Premium Episodes” section to your Podbean account.

Simply login to your Podbean account and you’ll see a “Premium Episodes” tab in your left sidebar (if you’ve paid for any episodes). Click there and you will see a page where you can view and play all your premium episodes.


*You can also play premium episodes in the Podbean app if you are logged in using the account you used to pay for the content.

**For patron-only content, please visit the patron page of the podcast. Click on “Episodes” for your patrons-only content (which can also be accessed in the Podbean app).

Migrating Your Podcast from SoundCloud to Podbean

Migrating from SoundCloud to Podbean is an easy process. With Podbean’s affordable unlimited hosting plans loaded with tons of great features and benefits, it’s a smart move! Podbean has been supporting podcasters for over 10 years; we’re focused solely on podcasters and podcast listeners, developing better podcast tools every day.

To migrate your podcast over to Podbean from SoundCloud:

1. Import your SoundCloud feed into Podbean. Get your RSS feed in SoundCloud (see “RSS feed” on your content settings page and copy).

In your Podbean account, under “Publish”→”Episodes”, click on “Import RSS”. Then, paste your SoundCloud RSS feed URL and click the “Import” button.


Note: The podcast contents will be imported first and the system will show a pop-up message when the contents are successfully imported. Then the system will import the audio and video files. It will take from 15 minutes to few hours to import them based on the size of all the media files. The system will notify you as to whether all the media files have been imported or only parts of them. If there are some media files that cannot be imported, you’ll need to upload them manually and then attach them to the respective episodes.

2. Redirect your SoundCloud feed to your new Podbean feed. In your SoundCloud account, input your Podbean feed in the “Subscriber Redirect” field.


3. Update your feed in iTunes. Here is the Podcasts Connect Help article on updating your RSS.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact the Podbean Support team at http://support.podbean.com/ (or via live chat/message right from your Podbean site).

The Support Center also has great tutorial videos and FAQs on the many features Podbean offers. You can also join our Podcasting Smarter Facebook group to share questions, tips and resources with other podcasters and the Podbean community.

Happy podcasting!

How to Link Directly to Your Podcast in iTunes


Since many podcast listeners use iTunes and iOS devices, you may want to provide the direct link to your podcast there. Here’s how to share an iTunes link to your podcast that will automatically launch iTunes:

1. Go to your podcast in the iTunes store, right click on the title and “copy link” (you can also find “copy link” under the subscribe button). Each episode also has copy link and social share options.

Here’s an example of what the link looks like for our Podcasting Smarter podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/podcasting-smarter/id1130834513?mt=2

2. Add “&ls=1” to the end of that link. The URL would then look like this: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/podcasting-smarter/id1130834513?mt=2&ls=1

3. Another great option is to join the iTunes affiliate program. They offer a link maker,widget builders, etc. With the help of the link maker, you can create a link for your podcast. And, of course, the bonus is that you can earn referral fees for things that people purchase from iTunes after using your link. Read more and apply for the iTunes affiliate program.

Making it easy for potential listeners to get your podcast is so important. For Android users, you can put a Podbean Podcast App link (https://podbean.com/app) on your podcast site and in any of your communications. Once users click the link and download the Podbean Android app, your podcast will automatically be recommended to them in the app.