How to Schedule Podcast Episodes in Podbean

Scheduling a podcast allows you to set the time and day for your podcasts or blog posts to be published. The scheduling feature conveniently helps you plan ahead and/or ensure consistent timing of episodes. Here’s how to set up podcast scheduling:

Step 1: After you have written your post, click the triangle icon on the right of the “Publish” tab for the dropdown menu and choose “Publish on…”. Enter the date and time you wish to publish the post and click the “Schedule post” tab.


You can always go to the “Publish”-> “Episodes” page to re-schedule your posts by clicking the pencil icon of each post and then changing the date/time. You can also edit the content of a scheduled post.


Your post is now scheduled for publication and will appear on your site at the time and date you’ve arranged. This is great for planning around times when you’ll be away or just batching your work to make things more efficient!


How to Set Up a Private Podcast

It’s easy to set up a private (protected only for permitted members) podcast in Podbean. Once you created an enterprise account, you can set up a private podcast in three steps:

Step 1: Set your Podcast channel as a private podcast

Go to your Podbean Admin site, click “Private” in the left sidebar menu, then click “Activate Now”.


Step 2: Add Private members

In the “Private” page, you can manually add private members by entering their email addresses or you can add private members in a batch by uploading a .txt file with one email per line. (You can click the i icon next to the “Batch add members” button to get a sample .txt file.)






Step 3: Publish an episode

Please make sure the “Private” option is checked when you publish the episode.


After following these three steps, your private podcast channel is online and ready for your private members to access and play your content.

Your private members can access your private podcast via your Podbean site or using the Podbean Podcast app. Please note that your private podcast is not searchable or available for public access in the Podbean site and Podbean app. Your podcast will only be available to your private members who log into the Podbean site or Podbean Podcast App with their email and password (they will receive an email with this information after you add them as private members).

*Other authentication options such as SSO are available for custom enterprise users. Please inquire about pricing and setup.

How to Add a Sidebar Link to Your Podbean Podcast Site

You may wish to display hyperlinks (such as favorite blogs, your other sites, resources, etc.) in the sidebar of your Podbean podcast site. Podbean makes it really easy to do this!

To add a sidebar link on your podcast site, log into your Podbean account and go to the “Layout” ->”Sidebar Widgets” page. Drag and drop the links widget into the Sidebar section.

1 Then click the edit icon to add a new link. Click the ‘Add a Link” under the links group. Enter the link name, URL and select a link image if you want to. Click the checkmark icon under the Action section to save the newly added link. Click the save button at the bottom to save your changes.


Editing a Link: If you want to edit or delete the link, click the edit or delete icon under the Action section.


To add a Link Group: If you want to add a new link group to place related links together, just click the “Add a Link Group” to create one. You can pause your cursor on the link group name and click the related icon to edit the link group.


To add other types of widgets to your podcast site sidebar, read our Support article about sidebar widgets.

How Do I Get Advertising On My Podcast using the Podbean Advertising Marketplace?

The Podbean Advertising Marketplace is a unique online platform for podcasters and businesses of all sizes to connect and create mutually beneficial sponsorship agreements. It is open to all podcasters no matter where you host your podcast.


First, you’ll need to join the Podbean advertising marketplace if you haven’t already. Visit to join. You can find more details here about submitting your feed. The Podbean team will check to make sure your podcast meets minimum specifications and you’ll receive an approval notification. Podbean podcasters simply need to login with their usual account information. Then, follow these steps to secure advertising:

1.Browse ad campaigns

Log into our advertising account: you will see all various ad campaigns on the ad opportunities page. You can click on the ad campaign name to view detailed information about the ads. You may also receive invitations from businesses that would like to advertise on your podcast.

2.Apply for a campaign

Click the “Apply” button to apply for a particular ad campaign. Fill in the # of episodes (this is the # of episodes which you plan to publish containing the ads during the campaign date range), CPM* and a message to the advertiser to describe your podcast and encourage them to select you.

3.Interact with advertisers

After the advertiser receives your application, they may contact you for further discussion and ask you to upload a sample audio for consideration. Please respond to messages and requests in a timely fashion and let the advertiser know if you decide you are not interested, out of respect for their time and yours.

4.Approve ad agreement

If the advertiser wants to put ads on your podcast, the advertiser will send you an ad agreement. You can review and approve the agreement. If the agreement needs adjustment, you can message the advertiser to discuss modifications. You may decide the current agreement is okay or you can reject it and the advertiser can rebuild an agreement with new terms.

5.Publish the podcast episodes with the ads

After you and the advertiser reach an agreement, you will need to record the ads and place them in your episodes according to the agreement. Then, click on the “Add Published Episode” button at the campaign details page to submit the published episode to the advertiser for approval.

6.Receive payment

The advertiser will review/approve your published episodes. Once your episode is approved, the funds will be released to your credit card. Here’s an example of how the process works: You agree to run ads on five episodes at $100/episode. You publish episode #1; the advertiser reviews and approves it. You receive $82 ($100 minus the $18 Podbean fee) immediately upon approval. Each $82/episode fee will be paid out to you as soon as each episode is approved.

*CPM means cost per mille (or one thousand impressions), a commonly used metric in advertising. So, for example a $10 CPM for a podcast with 10,000 estimated downloads/episode=$10×10 or $100 (which is then multiplied out by how many ads you’re running such as pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll for X # of episodes). You can agree to whatever fees and ad parameters you wish; this is simply the way an agreement is calculated.

How do I get my podcast added into the Podbean Podcast App and Podbean Podcast Directory?

Podbean runs a podcast directory online, as well as a having popular Android and iPhone podcast apps. Like most podcatchers, apps, and directories, we pull many public RSS feeds in so that listeners can find your show when they listen online or using our apps.

Listen/download stats will show up in your statistics from your podcast host (if they offer this service). If you are not listed in the directory/app and wish to be, it is easy to submit your podcast. If you are listed, it is also easy to claim ownership (this is also the 1st step if you would like to participate in our monetization platforms such as crowdfunding or advertising, which are both open to all podcasters no matter where you’re hosted).

If for some reason you don’t wish to be included, you can contact us at to request removal, but please note that this means no listeners will be able to find/listen to your podcast when using the Podbean app.

How to Automatically Share Podcast Episodes to Social Media

When publishing your podcast episode posts, you may want them to be auto shared to Facebook or Twitter rather than doing it manually every time.


1. Log in to your Podbean account and go to the ‘Settings’->’Social Share’ page. Then click the ‘Connect to Facebook’ or ‘Connect to Twitter’ button. We’ve clicked the ‘Connect to Facebook’ button this time.


2. Follow the instructions and connect your Podbean account to Facebook. After the connection, the system will show the Facebook pages and Twitter accounts you’ve connected under the ‘Connected Account’ section. Now your post will be auto shared to these connected social media accounts every time you publish (unless you make an exception, as per below).



If you don’t want something to be shared, you can click the button under the ‘Publish new episode’ section to un-check the selection. You can also customize the text that displays when sharing by clicking the pencil icon.


Exciting New Listener Engagement Features in the Podbean App

Podbean’s pleased to announce some exciting upgrades to the Podbean apps for Android and iOS. These features are designed to help increase listener engagement and build stronger community. Now:

  • Podcasters can discover who their followers are and interact with them. Click on followers to see other podcasts they follow, follow them back, etc.
  • Listeners can discover more great podcasts they might like from followers of their favorite podcasts.
  • Listeners can submit comments. This innovation makes podcasting a more interactive experience, providing a convenient feedback and discussion mechanism. Podcasters can manage the discussions (add comments, reply, delete comments or block users).
  • The Podbean app’s intelligent recommendation system reward podcasts with high levels of engagement, by promoting them to more potential listeners.


We hope you enjoy the new community interaction features. We are constantly working on improving our features so stay tuned for more exciting innovations to come!