Podbean Provides Premium HLS Protocol for Video Podcasters

Podbean is always looking for ways to improve service for podcasters and their audience. This year, Podbean implemented HLS protocol for video podcasts. This premium service is included with all unlimited and above video hosting plans.

HLS (HTTP live streaming) protocol works to deliver streaming video more seamlessly over various devices and bandwidth levels. Podbean automatically takes video uploaded by podcasters and encodes into up to three formats: high/max definition, standard, and low resolution. When video is served up to users in the Podbean app or via Podbean players, the adaptive bitrate video delivery detects the client’s bandwidth capacity and adjusts the video stream accordingly. This improves the user experience for those accessing video via mobile or low-bandwidth connections.

This service has been integrated into all video podcasting accounts (unlimited or above) so there’s no need to pay or do anything extra. Your audience will experience optimal viewing using the Podbean app or players.


Podbean continues to work hard to make it easy for podcasters to create the best audience experience. Happy podcasting!

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